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Washington, D.C. April 15, 2020, Momma's Safe Haven is 501c3 Not for Profit Organization based in Southeast DC serving over 5,000 families a year.  We provide safe spaces for individuals to heal from trauma. We encourage self love, higher education and self employment by offering a support bridge to those in need of resources to get to the next level in their lives. We believe it takes a healthy village to raise a child.  


We were founded in July 2015 on the need to support the community.  Since, we have hosted over 100 hundred "Never Give Up" Workshops (including Teen Dating Violence, Self Love), 25 Talent Showcases, 9 Black Wall Street "SOUTHEAST" Event Honoring 45 individuals, businesses and organizations with a Joe manns Black Wall Street Award.  We offer professional counseling services by phone (grief, sexual abuse and drug education), hosted several healing retreats, field trips, planning meetings, offer meals to the homeless and we hosted over 300 hundred youth in our #dcfilmlife Film School Program (creating 3 short films with the youth).  


Although we have received mini grants from small government agencies and support from local businesses we are in need of a place to call home.  Momma's Safe Haven has been occupying a small office inside of The Alliance of Concerned Men building for 3 years and it is now time for our own safe space.  Our need for a home is much bigger than our programs and services, our need for a home is about the meaningful relationships that we build everyday with our community.  The bond between a person who has experienced trauma and a community support worker plays a huge role in the recovery of the individual. Having a safe space to provide these much needed services is vital to the recovery process.


We are asking for your support with helping to heal a community that is deserving of the same opportunities as any other community.  A safe place to heal from trauma. 


Momma’s Safe Haven is located at 3227 Dubois Place, SE, Washington, DC 20019

Phone:   (202) 315-9095    

Email:      Website:

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